2017     Solo photo exhibition, "The Aquarium Syndrome", Berlin, Germany.

2017     Group photo exhibition, "Evolution", Tehran, Iran.

2017     12th Poesifestivalen, "Merci Poesi", Gothenburg, Sweden.

2016     Solo photo-video exhibition, "The Aquarium Syndrome", Tehran, Iran.

2017     Group photo exhibition, "26 Fotoğrafçı", Ankara, Turkey.

2016     Photo performance, "Schizophrenia in Eight Hours", Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2016     Solo photo exhibition, "Schizophrenia in Eight Hours", Tehran, Iran.

2016     Group photo exhibition, "Culture", Essex, USA.

2016     Group photo exhibition, "26 Photographers", Tehran, Iran.

2015     Solo photo exhibition, "Progeria", Tehran, Iran.

2015     Group photo exhibition, "Tehran, the defenseless city", Tehran, Iran.

2014     Group exhibition, "Ein-blick Zeitgenossische iranische kunst", Berlin, Germany.



2016    A Singular Creation Art Community (ASC) Competition, Announced as world ASC's "Light and Dark" competition winners amongst all media and all subject matters in any style (Link)

2015     World ND Award Competition; Honorable mention in Fine art and professional finalist; November, 2015. (Link)

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